Hello Centurion riders,

The health professionals from Team MuscleCare and the Centre for Fitness Health and Performance had a great time working on the athletes this weekend. Now we want you all to ask yourself, “how well did my body recover from the ride over the weekend?”…

Below are some tips from our team to recover fast and keep everyone performing at their best!

1) First of all, if you were injured or are still experiencing pain from a nagging injury, we encourage you to come in for an assessment with one of our Chiropractors or Physiotherapists. No doctor referral needed and we can send for X-rays and assess injury so avoid waiting hours in Emerg!
Visit or call the book today 416-972-6279.

2) Stretching is essential to provide balance to musculature and prevent injury. See attached file for some recommended cycling stretches and instructions.

3) We developed a new JustStretch 30-60min assisted stretching session available here at CFFHP. Use your Physiotherapy or Chiropractic coverage and get the tightness out!

4) MuscleCare – use muscle care before or during activity to improve performance and after activity to aid in recovery.
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